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You have pursued God all of your life, but continue to hit a wall. Understanding and living God’s truth feels impossible. You were never supposed to go at it alone. Much like anything else in life, truth can only be transmitted to the heart through relationships. We invite you to participate in our one-on-one spiritual training program.

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Discipleship Training Program

Discipleship Training Program

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Jesus started a revolution of discipleship-making nearly 2000 years ago. He built the church on a community of disciples, or students, where mature spiritual coaches met with passionate students to train them in the faith in a meaningful and life-long way. Much like anything else in life, the truth can only be transmitted to the heart through one-on-one mentoring relationships. You will be invited to meet in groups of two or three where you’ll receive personal, spiritual coaching. Your spiritual coach will teach you through God’s Word the foundations of the Christian faith starting with a deeper understanding of our Trinitarian God. They will help you address issues of character and conduct, demonstrating how the love of Christ teaches us to love one another. The spiritual coach will support you in developing spiritual practices such as fasting, prayer, service, etc,., as a way to live the love of God. And finally, your spiritual coach will show you how to read the Bible for yourself so that you might mature in the faith. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be able to coach some spiritually someday.

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